Missy Nolan

Missy Nolan

Missy Nolan has been a writer since 2003. She has contributed articles to several online publications and websites, including Catalogs.com. Nolan's poetry has been published in "Teen Ink" and she was the 2002 winner of the "What Matters" essay contest. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in public health.

Published Work


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Career History

Date Description
2006 to 2010
OMC - Chiropractic Assistant

As a chiropractic assistant, Missy Nolan applied the knowledge from her medical courses to perform physical therapy, prepare important medical documents and help patients learn how to manage their health conditions.

2010 to Present
Goodie Bag Promotions - Production Assistant

If you build it, they won't come. If you market it, they will. I help develop and launch promotional marketing campaigns for large companies.

2010 to Present
Contently - Featured Business Writer

Spam-filled, keyword-stuffed articles are not my specialty. I ghostwrite blogs and articles for well-known financial sites such as Mint.com.

2007 to 2009
Cambridge Engineering - Administrative Assistant

The average workday of an administrative assistant is anything but boring. I scheduled meetings, prepared PowerPoint presentations for the entire company, ran the Wellness Committee and Safety Committee, and organized a yearly weight loss contest.

Areas of Expertise

  • health, nutrition, exercise